“As long as we can remember, we feel we have this great creative and spiritual force within us that is greater than faith, greater than ambition, greater than confidence, greater than determination, greater than vision. It is all these things combined. Our brain becomes magnetized with this dominating force which we hold in our hand.”

-Bruce Lee

A Letter to Infirnity

Dear Infirnity,

We trust that fantasy is more potent than wisdom. That mythology is more significant than chronicle. We imagine that vision is mightier than the existent. That genuine character in a being is the superior remedy for affliction. We are not our bodies. Some beings would way neither we are mind or emotion and eternal. Our entire perspective on life has transformed and continues to grow stronger. We represent the internal and external struggle of life. Also the confusion and cycles of existence. Our names are Lisa and Yuwnus. We are the Creators of Infirnity. Together We Are the Personification of Eternity and Infinity.   Infirnity is the bond which perpetually links us together, and rules upon disputes among us. We are all things personified. We wait, because we are patient. We are virtue, we are benevolent, we are loyal, we are righteousness, we possess higher wisdom, we lead by example.  Again, we shall wait patiently.

How little we know the scale of Infirnity. How dare we challenge the might and enormity of such wisdom and creation. A million words could exist in our world, beyond our site. Each with living beings looking at the sky in wonder at the never ending universe. We posses the intelligence to realize that all things are possible in the vastness of forever. Let us not be by our arrogance as to what is possible and what is not; because we are children at the dawn of our creation with the universe as our classroom and intelligence beyond our imagination, waiting to be tapped…when we are ready to receive it. Seek and the wonders you will see.

Infirnity reveals the true qualities of our universe. To the ways of our origins, our hearts will go out. The beauty of our origins will surpass our belief and comprehension and the infinite depth of our reality will remain part of our heritage in the midst of forever. The piece of understanding Infinity is the beauty of creation. The word has been spoken and the spirit within you knows that home, genuiness and true infinite love is Infirnity. Infinite love isn’t just about love. It is also infinite intelligence, infinite knowing, infinite truth. It is everything and nothing. It is perfect imbalance. It is supreme. It is the creation of beyond. This is who you are. Stand strong through Love and Truth….Infirnity.

Copyright infirnity, 2016.