“The only real training for leadership is leadership.”

-Antony Jay

Infirnity’s Leadership Program is the character hub that runs for the duration of the school year. Once a week members meet to participate in the Mentoring Program and the Community Outreach Project.



An important piece to developing leadership is having the willingness to learn from others in order to better yourself. Infirnity believes we should never feel that we know everything and should constantly work on our ability to have an open mind. Infirnity coaches facilitate this opportunity through the mentoring program. Once a week, members gather together in a classroom setting and discuss weekly topics of relevance that the coaches prepared. These lessons are based on personal life lessons by the coaches, team/member current challenges, or societal issues.

The Mentoring Program has 3 main content areas:

  1. Hold group discussions on character, life lessons, and life skills
  2. Expose the team to various community leaders who speak to them on different topic areas
  3. Improve on self reflection and internal motivation through writing and goal setting

Community Outreach


In the words of Antony Jay, “the only real training for leadership, is leadership.” To fulfill these words, Infirnity has an annual community outreach project. Once a year the team and coaches work together to ideate, organize, and execute a community project. These projects are targeted to enrich the community through a variety of ways, such as fun youth events or focused community enhancement projects. Through the planning stages, youth members take on leadership roles and work skills such as responsibility, delegation, and time management.

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