“What I hear, I conceptualize, What I read, I understand,

but what I do becomes apart of who I am.”

– Unknown


Infirnity Coaching Internship


Create opportunities for young adults to gain basketball training experience while building leadership skills and work proficiency


4-5 weeks


$400-500 in 4-5 weeks / $100- 125 per week

I.C.I. is a 4-5 week paid internship program that provides high school to college age students with coaching experience. I.C.I. provides guided development in leadership skills such as communication, dedication, commitment, confidence,

Chris Van Buren and Julio Galay

Chris Van Buren and Julio Galay

honesty, initiative and a positive mindset. The internship begins with an introduction to the Infirnity basketball team. The intern is then guided to reach out to players and schedule individual and group training sessions ranging from 1- 2 hours. Therefore, this internship not only provides great work experience; but it also creates the opportunity for Infirnity players to receive intensive individual basketball training for free! In addition to basketball training, the intern is required to meet with the Infirnity coaching staff once a week to review and reflect on the training experience, as well as, be provided with any feedback received from players.

I.C.I. Guidelines:

Chris Van Buren training session with 14U player

Chris Van Buren training session with 14U player

  • Make your own schedule
  • 10- 12.5 hours per week
  • Paid for maximum 2 hours per session
  • Min of 9 hours basketball training + 1 hour mentorship with coaches/ wk
  • Full access to all Infirnity equipment
  • Coaches/ Self Evaluation on the last week of internship

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