“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what hey have learned in school.”

– Albert Einstein


Afterschool Mentoring Program

Infirnity Inc. would like to introduce, “InfirnitySteps”, a 3 tier Afterschool Mentoring Program. “InfirnitySteps” was created in order to construct a means for Infirnity Inc. to reach out the masses, yet still encourage and implement its never ending mission to support and develop young men and women into well rounded adults.

“InfirnitySteps” is encompassed of 3 different levels.


Level 1

High School

Volunteer Program


Level 2

Infirnity 14-16U

Leadership Development Program


Level 3


After School Programming

Level 1: High School Volunteer Program

Infirnity Inc. believes that significant leadership growth only comes when opportunities for leadership are given. Infirnity is seeking a high school sports team who is interested in engaging their students in community service/ outreach once a week. The program is formatted so that once a week a student- athlete will come and participate in “Infirnity Steps” as a Youth Leader. The Youth Leader’s responsibility is to mentor 2 middle school students, as well as, organize and facilitate afterschool programming with Infirnity Coaches/ Mentors. Community service is a fantastic addition to any individual’s college application, as well as, a great means to develop characteristics of responsibility, self-awareness and gratitude.

Level 2: Infirnity Leadership Program

Infirnity Inc. believes in infinite resources; and therefore currently has in depth programming for members. “Infirnity Steps” is structured to create yet another venue for its youth members (8th- 10th grade) to engage in community outreach and develop leadership skills. Youth members will participate as an Infirnity Steps Counselor. The Infirnity Steps Counselor is responsible for engaging and assisting afterschool students during snack, homework help, and gym activities. Members will reflect and share their experiences through their leadership programing during weekend practices with coaches and teammates.

Level 3: Elementary Aged After School Programming



Infirnity Inc. presents a fun and engaging afterschool program that fits the needs of any elementary school environment. Infirnity is working hard to ensure that this After School Programming is FREE of charge by generating sponsorship for its services. “InfirnitySteps” is a 3-hour program that is divided into 4 segments.

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