“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Our Model

Infirnity takes a child’s passion and uses it as a tool to facilitate self reflection and growth in all areas of their life. We do this by a very holistic family based model that uses the positive reinforcement of being apart of a team as the support source through the child’s development.

When a young man or woman chooses to join Infirnity, they first join a team of their choice. This team allows the members to connect with one another on a very basic concept- we all like the same thing. Currently the team we provide is Basketball.

Once they are a member of a Team, the Infirnity gates open and expose the child to various programs required of the team. These programs offer opportunities in sports through competition and skill development, in academic achievement, and  in leadership exploration in the community.

Infirnity Stages

Infirnity is dedicated to developing character, and we do this by casting an Infirnity “force field” around our students; hence the motto “Step Into Our World”. Infirnity is a place where the students coach, is also the person emailing their teachers, checking their grades, meeting with their parents, and doing outreach in the community.

By being a consistent thread in these areas, Infirnity aims to become a guide as the child journeys through the 3 “I’s” of Infirnity. Each “I” symbolizes a stage of personal growth.

The Three “I’s” of Infirnity

“I” am

When you come into Infirinty you enter a space of truth. You are who you are. You may be praised, questioned, and even challenged on who you show yourself to be; but no matter what it is truth.

Welcome to our world.

“I” am who I a choose to be

As you grow, you begin to understand that you have the power in choosing who you are and how you show up. Your decisions reflect character. You begin to think about who you want to be and how you can represent that.

“I” am who I am made to be

This is the final stage where you understand and accept that you are a leader; a person of impact. You begin to see that you were made to help this world become a better place. You were made to make a difference. You were always this person and until know you were simply on the journey to this point where you can be who you were ‘made’ to be.

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