“Strive not to be a success, but to be of value.”

-Albert Einstein

Testimonials are from members, supporters and parents. Infirnity is here for you. Thank you for believing in us.

I am so grateful for the Infirnity program and community. The devoted leadership of Lisa, Yuwnus and Rome have been supportive and nurturing while also pushing them to succeed. IT is so much more than a basketball leadership program. It is a family atmosphere of brothers, that the boys always feel and it has allowed them to open up and really achieve in and out of school. It is truly special and I feel lucky that my son is apart of it.

Sonja J.

Infirnity Parent

When you see that word …. INFIRNITY, what comes to mind of most would be…is an abstract concept describing something without any bound or larger than any number…..but to me it means so much more to my family….Originally my son got involved because it is basketball based in which my son loves to go to any or all types of programs when it comes to this sport. So as the weeks progressed it became clear it was more then just basketball…. it was the concept of team leadership, empathy, communication, community service, team building, one on one mentoring, team mentoring, how to cope with internal and external pressures and of course homework assistance, following grades, projects and more!Bringing my family to really understand the strength of this organizations name… what a profound concept, high quality of a name that would enrich not only my son and his team mates but also enrich my family, my community, the leaders and starters of this organization along with teaching my son key values, concepts. morals and convictions that one can use for daily usage from now to our final earthly departure.When my son started with team Infirnity, he had behavior issues, low self esteem, and conflicts with others. TEAM INFIRNITY has helped him build to be a better man by giving him the key components and he has gained aspirations, profound goals, high self esteem, empathy, control over his emotions, and become a role model and honor roll student.So much love and respect….thanks to Yuwnus, Lisa and other staff members for giving us so much more then you ever will know…..my daily thoughts and prayers are for your establishment to grow to so much more! Blessings always.

Christine D.

Infirnity Parent

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